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New High-Water Mark for Street Art at Fairs for Armory Week

This year represents a high-water mark for current Street Artists being represented at the New York fairs if what we have just seen over the last couple of days is any indication. For those who have been following the trajectory of the new kids we’ve been talking about for the last decade, the room is [...]

Street Artists At The Fairs For Armory Week NYC 2014

Not quite spring, the Art Fairs are arriving in New York ahead of the tulips. We strolled the impossibly long aisles and peered into the booths to find the folks who have at other times been called “Street Artists”. This weekend they’ll be fine artists, and the list is quite a bit longer than years [...]

Jon Burgerman “Hot Girls and Hot Dogs” Solo Exhibition at 17 Frost Gallery. (Brooklyn, NYC)

I  have an exhibition of new artworks coming to Williamsburg in Brooklyn on June 14 2013 as part of Aakash Nihalani and Rion Harmon’s Summer Series. Please come along and bring your pet dog. 17 Frost Street, Williamsburg, New York. Opening Reception is on Friday June 14 2013 from 7-10pm

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