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Bien Urbain Presents “Artistic Path on (and With) Public Spaces (Besançon, France)

Bien Urbain
Brooklyn-street-art-bien-urbain-france«BIEN URBAIN» is an artistic path in a popular city center district and the University campus of Besançon – France that aims at promoting art in public spaces just next a rich historic architecture.
The invited artists, all coming from the “street art” scene, are used to work with different kinds of tools and materials to create their own pieces of art: painting, paper, pasting, wood sculpture…
Once they have taken over the place, they finally start to make their ideas come true, revealing sometimes abandoned or unused spaces!
The event will take place every year at the end of summer, invading the town block by block.
Street art spread worldwide: many websites are updated every hour, presenting new crazy artists everyday, whereas in France a small number of events tend to promote these artists

BIEN URBAIN will contribute to make people realize the power of art on our everyday life perception on museums, theaters or clubs, and also on the streets!
For us presenting such an event is a good way to question everybody on our public space using. «Where is the place for art when ads and grey walls are everywhere? How to enjoy public spaces then?»
Moreover we are very proud to promote great artists and give them the possibility/chance to travel with their art in the best conditions.

As an inaugural issue, we wanted to welcome some of our favourite artists. So we got in touch with them and gladly realize that they really looked enthusiastic about our project!
Nine European artists and an Argentinean artist will be part of the artistic crew in September 2011.

ESCIFAfter a classic graffiti life, escif has developed a beautiful and poetic way of painting the everyday life on walls. Through simple scenes, he returns the context with an «mise en abîme» process: the painting wall is not just a wall, it is a canvas where escif paints another wall!

MONEYLESSThe Italian artist known as Moneyless uses geometric tools to reveal strange spaces: abandoned landscape, woods or temporary urban zones. The tension with his sculptures and the quiet space where he makes them create an unreal, ghostly third dimension.
Painting his large black figures all over the world, Sam3 is about to come to France for the really first time. His really sensitive work combines huge painting and introspective scene. He also has an experimental way of working on fabulous stop motion films.

They are three French guys who love pastel colours, old wood, abandoned things, geometric shapes and urban explorations.
One of the finest spanish street artist, SAN is first of all an amazing drawer who emphasise weird walls into great and disturbing pieces of arts.

For further information regarding this art festival visit the official site:

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