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BSA Film Friday: 06.03.22

BSA Film Friday: 06.03.22

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Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening:
1. Just in Time for Jubilee – “God Save the Queen” Reboot – The Sex Pistols
2. YUUE: Homesick
3. Minimum Monument – Néle Azevedo

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BSA Special Feature: “God Save the Queen” Reboot – The Sex Pistols

To commemorate the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee this weekend, the Sex Pistols have released a “Revisited” video which combines footage of their concert playing “God Save The Queen” in 1977 with images of a party celebrating her Silver Jubillee on a boat cruising the River Thames in the same year. 45 years later, the Sex Pistols have long since disappeared and QEII is marking her 70th year as a monarch.

For those of you at home who forgot the words and would like to sing along;

“God save the Queen
A fascist regime
They made you a moron
Potential H-bomb

God save the Queen
She ain’t no human being
There is no future
In England’s dreaming”

God Save the Queen Revisited – Sex Pistols

You thought your Covid lockdown was hot and stuffy and alienating and fattening and now your dog is so mad at you that he is not talking to you anymore? Well, did you make any art about this?

YUUE design studio decided to address what they describe as “the extreme covid containment strategies in China that created an unnecessary humanitarian crisis” with a “design commentary”.

Here they choose a Ming-style chair and a traditional Chinese porcelain vase “as cultural symbols and wrapped them tightly in a protective suit tailored for each of them.”

“As a vivid metaphor a Chinese chair and vase in a pure white hazmat suit with blue ribbons silently comments on the absurd reality.”

YUUE: Homesick

It’s a good thing that climate change is over and that we no longer need to do anything to solve it.

Brazilian conceptual artist and sculptor Néle Azevedo drew attention to it in Berlin in 2009 with her installation called “Minimum Moment”.

And 13 years later, climate change has been solved, thank God.

Just kidding we’re still messing up the atmosphere with the burning of fossil fuels. Also Alzevedo has installed her small melting ice sculptures in other cities, including Sao Paulo in 2016, Rome in 2020, Middlebury, USA in 2018, Lima, Peru in 2014, and Amsterdam in 2012.

Minimum Monument – Néle Azevedo

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