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BSA Film Friday 06.30.17

BSA Film Friday 06.30.17


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. Herakut at Nigg Bay
2. Maga Ilustration for 12 + 1 in Barcelona
3. Csaw X All Teeth in Abandoned Tribute
4. UCIT “VIETNAM” – The adventures of Optimistuey.
5. Order55 X Sydney from Dom West.


BSA Special Feature: Herakut at Nigg Bay

Jon Reid takes us on a trip down to the sea from Aberdeen, Scotland to see Jasmine from Herakut creating in a secret little spot. “As the sea lapped against the coastal rocks Hera quickly sketched out her idea and began to lay down her distinctive lines. As the seagull figure began to emerge we all looked on with wonder. For a week of special moments this was a real highlight for me and a memory I’ll always cherish.”

Extra points for spotting Evan Pricco and Ian Cox.

Maga Ilustration for 12 + 1 in Barcelona

You have already seen stills from this wall by Maga for Contorno Urbano in our posting from April 22nd called Anna Maga for “12 + 1” Project In Barcelona.

Today we have a small video of her determined style along with a soundtrack that makes you think of a murder mystery.

“A fan of graffiti jams, roller skating and figurative painting, Maga Anna is a local illustrator, mural painter, children’s educator, and commercial designer.”

Csaw X All Teeth in Abandoned Tribute

Friday’s dose of ruin porn delivered to your device, here Csaw of the Bay Area and of HCM Crew paints a tribute to Gloom in a giant abandoned starship compound that has seen better days.

Video by Relative Minds.


UCIT “VIETNAM” – The adventures of Optimistuey. By Justin Smith

It’s important to try to be optimistic, and UCIT memeber Optimistuey has it right there in his name.

Here he smacks a few walls, one in the most optimistic of hues, in Vietnam.


Order55 X Sydney from Dom West.

Seb Humphries akc Order55 spends a rainy day taking us for a ride into his hallucinatory patterned clouds, perhaps illustrating how graffiti sometimes easily moves into contemporary art.

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Fun Friday 11.23.12 – VIDEO Request Edition – Chosen by You

It’s the BSA Reader Video Request edition of Fun Friday for all us peeps who are not shopping today. We asked our Facebook friends and fans for their favorite street art related video flicks and give them to you here- in no particular order. Peace out and have a great Black Friday everybody.

1. Vhils in Germany
2. Wild Style Part 1
3. Open Air
4. In Bed with Invader
5. En Masse in Miami
6. Berlin Street Art as Lyrics (Emus Primus)
7. Shai Dahan new Ted Talk “Beyond Borders”
8. TEJN LOCK ON STREET ART – Street Art Sculpture by Tejn
9. Burn – Episode 3
10. Graffiti Verite Part 1
11. Japanese Stencil
14. Hanoi Lantern Bearers – Vietnam with The Yok
15. Bomb It

Vhils in Germany

The Portuguese Street Artist at work, produced by Euromaxx, recommended by Crist Graphicart (German language)

Wild Style Part 1

The classic Charlie Ahearn movie as recommended by Nahua Prince Huitzilin


Open Air

“In 2006, we created this short for the University of Southern California’s Public Arts Studies Program.

This documentary explored the studios and methods of six of the top street artists in America: Faile, Skewville, Mike De Feo, Dan Witz, Espo and Tiki Jay One.” Recommended by Lou J Auguste

In Bed with Invader

H Veng Smith likes this one with Invader.

En Masse in Miami

“At the end of November (2011), the En Masse Art Initiative flew down to Miami to take part of the Miami Art Basel events. With the help of Sodec Quebec and Galerie Pangée, EM teamed up with Scope Art Fair, Fountain Art Fair, Safewalls, Primary Flight and the Found store to create multiple work of art. During 10 days, the team grew exponentially, adding members from all around the globe; Tel-Aviv, Montreal, Brooklyn, Woodstock, Staten Island, San Fransico, San Diego, Miami etc.”  – recommended by Beth Tully

Berlin Street Art as Lyrics (Emus Primus)

Emus Primus and photography of Berlin Street art, set to music. As recommended by Da Andal

Shai Dahan new Ted Talk “Beyond Borders”

The keynote is about my travel into Palestine.  Considering what is going on there –  Being that everyone is talking about the violence, this video can reflect a bit of light on how there are some ways to find peace.  It may not find the sort of wide peace we hope to all gain there, but through the message in the keynote, I hope people can see that Israel and Palestine can share a common beauty: Street-art.” Shai Dahan

TEJN LOCK ON STREET ART – Street Art Sculpture by Tejn

Suggested by Mogens Carstensen

Burn – Episode 3

“The third episode of BURN graffiti video series. Best episode so far! Featuring rolling freight, live painting and more!   As recommended by Beyond The Rail Photography

Graffiti Verite Part 1

“Part 1 of the 1995 Los Angeles graffiti documentary directed by Bob Bryan. Featured artists include Duke, Skept, Tempt, Prime, Mear, Relic, Cre8, and Design9.”

Japanese Stencil

A stencil artist creates a piece as a tribute to Japan in the wake of the destruction it suffered last year. – As recommended by Crist Graphicart


“an unscientific point of view on the beginning and evolution of life … and how it could probably end. direction and animation by BLU.”   This one recommended by Martha Becker

Hanoi Lantern Bearers – Vietnam with The Yok

In Vietnam on a roof. As recommended by The Yok

Bomb It

The full documentary – “Through interviews and guerilla footage of graffiti writers in action on 5 continents, BOMB IT tells the story of graffiti from its origins in prehistoric cave paintings thru its notorious explosion in New York City during the 70’s and 80’s, then follows the flames as they paint the globe.” Recommended by Orson Horchler

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