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BSA Film Friday: 10.03.14

BSA Film Friday: 10.03.14




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. PREMIERE of 3D Grátis Frutas / Free Fruit – Narcelio Grud
2. Vero Rivera and a Small Gold Leaf Brush in Santurce, PR
3. NYCHOS, a Spider, and Judas Priest Soar in Germany
4. IBUg 2014 – Der Film
5. Mica Still in Auckland, NZ

BSA Special Feature: PREMIERE of 3D Grátis Frutas / Free Fruit

We have no hesitation declaring Narcelio Grud as one of our favorite experimenters on the street.  Part installation, part performance, part interactive sociology experiment, Grud often invites passersby to participate in the process.

In his brand new video premiering here on BSA Film Friday, Narcelio wonders what would happen if he were to give fresh fruit away on the street.  Find out now.

Vero Rivera and a Small Gold Leaf Brush in Santurce, PR

Celebrating their first year of making videos, Tost Films brings this gold filigreed doorway to life after six days of painting in Santure, Puerto Rico. Vero Rivera is unassuming and allows this portrait to trace her steps: Thoughtful, intimate, alive, and fresh. Her painstaking process and careful brushwork carries a swirl of intoxication and a welling of celebration. Also like to see her dog hanging out to keep her company.



NYCHOS, a Spider, and Judas Priest Soar in Germany

Just in time for the Urban Art Festival in Hamburg this weekend, Nychos splits an enormous spider in half and allows you to see its colorful dripping guts, set to a delightful soundtrack of “Halls of Valhalla”, the 2014 version of Judas Priest. Heroic and soaring, what more can we say?

IBUg 2014 – Der Film

Celebrating its 9th edition IBUg 2014 took place at the end of August in Crimmitschau, Germany with about 100 artists from 10 or so countries. A cultural festival that runs the gamut with graffti, murals, video projection, and performance the weeklong program also features movies, talks, lectures and tours. Primarily in German, this video gives you an idea what the event is like.


Mica Still in Auckland, NZ

Produced by a small creative agency in Auckland last week and finished a couple of days ago, this stop action shows artist Mica Still as she creates a mural.


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