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Overunder Makes More Brain Candy for Living Walls : Albany


Overunder is a fast-moving free-associating surrealist whose Street Art pieces catch your eye as you skip past a run down neglected piece of property. Always balancing on the edge of your reality and his boundless imagination, the painted plumcake pieces will strum the brainwaves and may make you all skittish like a cat at a rocking chair convention.


Overunder on a burned out carcass of a building. (image © Overunder)


Okay, which way we goin’?  (image © Overunder)


Penny for your thoughts, bro. (image © Overunder)


Overunder (image © Overunder)


The trick for fashions for Fall ’11 is to accessorize. Just the right bling can take you from day to evening. (image © Overunder)

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