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AKIMBO Honors Transgender Valencian Killed in 1460

AKIMBO Honors Transgender Valencian Killed in 1460

I am very happy with how the Mural turned out,” says Marcos Chelo aka Akimbo, of this new mural, his first large format, in Valencia, Spain. A tribute to trans people in general and to Margarida Borrás in particular, this multicolored deity of style is likely more a feature of Akimbo’s modern tastes and imagination than what Borrás wore in the 1450s, where the prized yet persecuted beauty is said to have visited many a home of noble society in Valencia.

Akimbo’s new mural in Plaza del Mercat in homage to Margarita Borràs, a trans woman who was hanged here in 1460. (photo © the artist)

Commissioned by the Intramurs festival, Senorita Borràs overlooks the open-air parking lot of the vendors of the nearby Mercat Central de Valencia not far from Plaza del Mercat where public records say she was hanged in 1460. “I represent Margarida interpreting her image from my erotic-festive galactic imaginary,” says Akimbo in his Instagram posting, “turning her into a futuristic Saint, returning her the mystic quality and the honor that Christianity took from us hundreds of years ago.”

Akimbo’s new mural in Plaza del Mercat in homage to Margarita Borràs, a trans woman who was hanged here in 1460. (photo © MÒNICA TORRES for EL PAÍS)

According to Ferran Bono in El Pais, the spot has been formally recognized by the city and named for the trans woman, which we translate here: “The priest Melcior Miralles recorded such a tragic outcome in his 15th-century work Crònica i dietari del capellà d’Alfons el Magnànim: ‘In the year 1460, Monday, July 28, in the Valencia market, Margarida was hanged, and she was man, and his name was Miquel Borras, who was the son of a notary from Mallorca and was dressed as a woman, and he was in many houses in Valencia dressed as a woman, which was known, and he was imprisoned and tortured. And because of the said Margarida or Miquel, some were imprisoned and tortured’.

A few years ago, the Valencian researcher and writer Vicente Adelantado investigated the Manuals de Consells of the old juries that ran the city and the municipal archive to prepare his doctoral thesis on the origin of theater in Valencia and found traces of Margarida.”

Akimbo’s new mural in Plaza del Mercat in homage to Margarita Borràs, a trans woman who was hanged here in 1460. (photo © MÒNICA TORRES for EL PAÍS)
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Vicki Da Silva, Light Writing Tribute

In response to our posting for the “It Get’s Better” campaign to give support and encouragement to young people who are bullied for being Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgendered, reader and light artist Vicki Da Silva sent us a video she made on 159th Street with the George Washington Bridge in the background. Tyler Clemente, a young gay college student in New York, jumped from the bridge to his death this past fall, and this is her simple tribute.


Click on the picture above or here to see Vicki’s video tribute

Vicki’s Light Graffiti HERE

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BSA Says “It Gets Better”

Gay Graff Writers, Lesbian Street Artists, Bi Sticker Makers, Trans Tattooists

In the interest of spreading some love and maybe saving some lives, we want to send a shout out to the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, and Transgendered peeps who read this blog and to the straight people who have them in their families and schools and paint supply stores and offices and houses of worship. That’s pretty much everybody.

Over the past year we’ve seen this blog reach a lot of different places that we never thought it would – including small towns and rural areas in this country and around the world. The Street Art and graffiti world has its share of homophobia and ignorance of course – this kind of art has always been a direct reflection of society at large so why wouldn’t it? But it’s also getting better.

Truth is, whether you are in a small town or a big city, we know that many LGBT folk of all incomes, education, races, languages, et cetera, are frequently the target of bullying, abuse, threats, name calling, and violence.  These days it can come via notes on your locker or Facebook page, Twitter feeds, or texts – as even dumbo bullies can figure out a bit of technology. We also know that merely being a teenager who is a sexual minority can often result in feelings of extreme distress, fear, anxiety, isolation, and can cause suicide – not because of anything you are, but because many people are still boneheads (or just closeted).

So here’s the message, people: If you are afraid and feeling like crap – just remember that you are not alone, this won’t last forever, we love you exactly the way you are, and things will get better. There is a big world of other weird, different, beautiful, loveable people just like you who will welcome you when you get out of “High School Hell”. Also there are a lot of straight people who are not insecure about their own sexuality who will stand shoulder to shoulder with you and fight when times are ugly – they’ll even celebrate life with you. So hang in there and stay tough! It may not look like it right now but try not to worry so much, it gets better!

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