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Faile Retrospective at Lazarides; a Bastion of Color Up the Street (plus new Deluxx Fluxx Video)

A Blur of Excitement at the two Lazarides galleries in London this week. One of Brooklyn duo Failes's carved and painted spinny poles on display. (photo © Ian Cox)
Chop-Chop! It was a Brooklyn blur of excitement at two galleries run by Steve Lazarides in London last week. Here we see three of Failes’s carved and painted spinny poles on display for their 10 year retrospective. (photo © Ian Cox)

Plenty of room to rollerskate in the Faile retrospective showroom. (photo @ Ian Cox)

Plenty of room to skateboard in the Faile retrospective showroom before the opening. Might scuff up the floor a bit though. (photo @ Ian Cox)

© Ian Cox

And then people started arriving. © Ian Cox


Outside the main retrospective, we trundle up about five blocks to the Bast & Faile show called "Faile Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade." (photo © Ian Cox)

Meanwhile in the Bast & Faile Arcade across the street

Meanwhile back in the Bat Arcade - is that RJ Tweeting his Space Invaders score? (photo @Ian Cox)

I used to have an Elton John flourescent poster in my closet when I was a kid. Just sayin.

Remember Elton John played the Pinball Wizard in Tommy? Guess Who had the black-light poster of him as the Pinball Wizard in his closet when he was a kid? Pass the bong please. (photo © Ian Cox)

Rumor has is that there will be a line of Faile bongs out in time for Christmas. (photo © Ian Cox)

Naturally, the show opening was catered. This woman in a colorful cat-suit was offering flourescent Doritos and dip. (photo © Ian Cox)

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