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Chor Boogie Interviewed by Choice Royce

Royce Bannon is online this month at The Source with an interview with LA sunshine muralist Mr. Chor Boogie. The very personable Boogie talks about his work and his historical influences. If you look further into his copious body of work, it reveals a seamless relationship between his technical abilities, his emotional life and his spiritual view of the world.


Gifted in the art of self expression, Chor explains his work like this,

“I describe my style as the Omega Abstract Expressionism of A Street Romantic Voodoo with Emotional Landscapes of A Melodic Symphony through Color Therapy: 50% mind + 50% heart = 100% body + 100% soul = 200% spirit +an infinite universe= A Chor Boogie creation. See, when it comes to style I believe in originality and do not consider my work Graffiti. It’s art; I am a artist; and when it comes to the culture I would just love to see cats creating their own ways, meanings, and philosophies behind their work instead of following the flock… hence the fact of being original.”

Read more in the interview online at The Source here

Chor Boogie will be on the East Coast next month when he participates in the new installment of Electric Windows in Beacon, New York.

Brooklyn_Street_Art-WEB-Source-Royce-Todd-JamesRoyce Bannon’s interview with Todd James appears in the new print issue of The Source.

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