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NEED Holiday Shopping Money? We’re offering “Cash For Your Warhols”


Dust off your old Silver Elvis,

Run a damp rag across you Mao,

Give your Mick a rubdown,

We’ll Pay Top Dollar!

(Geoff Hargadon)
Call this number today! Street Art? Maybe….. (Geoff Hargadon) (photo ©Jaime Rojo)

Sotheby’s Also May Be Able to Help You Sell Them

Their recent New York contemporary auction sold this silk screen called 200 One Dollar Bills for $43.8 million to an anonymous bidder.

You see! You CAN buy me that XBox 360 for Christmas!

warhol-100 bills

“I think Warhol’s prices have held steady because he is considered the most influential postwar artist. He forged the path of being a creative director who invented rather than expressed himself and was acutely aware of both the business and kind of media resonance of his art.” said Sarah Thornton of The Economist

Listen to an audio interview at NPR here

The Only “Eight Elvises” Breaks Warhol Record

I'll have a Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Christmaaaaas, without youuuuu
I’ll have a Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Christmaaaaas, without youuuuu – “8 Elvises” sold for 100 million dollars.  That’s like twelve and a half per

“Unlike most of Warhol’s other pieces, which are screen prints made by his assembly line of assistants in his infamous NYC Factory, this Warhol Elvis piece is unique. Warhol only made one of the work he called Eight Elvises.”

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Time’s a wastin’: That Jackie O in the laundry room could be worth some MU-LAH baby!!

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