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ROA and An Orphaned Bear in Rome

ROA and An Orphaned Bear in Rome

Entirely within the character of Street Artist ROA, his new piece in Rome addresses the underlying rift between man and nature. The urban naturalist is known for his depictions and portraits of creatures who share the earth with us, often endangered or otherwise misused at the hand of man. In town for his solo show, “Suovetaurilla”, at the Dorothy Circus Gallery, ROA painted this particular bear kid who was famously orphaned this summer.

The case of his mother attacking a human hunting mushrooms in the forests of Trentino and open public deliberations about the ethics of killing or capturing her was openly discussed and debated in grocery stores, beauty parlors, and halls of government. It even sparked an online petition drive that gathered more than 120,000 signatures to protect her from being punished while behaving like a bear.


ROA at work on his new mural in Rome. (photo © Lorenzo Gallitto/

Sadly Daniza was accidentally killed by too much anesthesia in the process of subduing her, effectively ending the debate about her fate. ROA paints here a timid orphan baby bear holding a dart similar to the one used for anesthesia.  Using his work to advocate awareness is not the first thing that comes to most people’s mind, but ROA once again subtly shows his own method of activism is very effective.


ROA at work on his new mural in Rome. (photo © Giorgio Base/


ROA. Rome, Italy. (photo © Lorenzo Gallito/


ROA. Rome, Italy. (photo © Lorenzo Gallito/


ROA. Rome, Italy. (photo © Lorenzo Gallito/


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