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Searching For Stikman: An Interview With The Elusive Artist

Searching For Stikman: An Interview With The Elusive Artist

Startling Revelations With Him in the Back Yard


Stikman (photo © Jaime Rojo)

When the D.I.Y. movement met graffiti in the early 2000s in cities like New York, LA, Paris, Berlin, and London, it also brought with it the art school students and the in-laws from back home. Hip Hop culture had made graffiti cool for many in the millennial generation and Street Art was the next step — including all manner of art-making that is mounted mostly illegally in the public sphere. This art “by any means necessary” approach has included sculpture, markers, aerosol, brush painting, photography, illustration, collage, wheat pasting, stencils, linotype and screen printing, even knitting and crochet.

Stikman was just ahead of this modern curve when he began stretching people’s definition of art in the streets in the early 1990s, and along with a handful of cross-disciplinary artists in cities throughout that decade he helped stretch and redefine our expectations for freewill un-commissioned street art installations…Click HERE to continue reading this article on The Blue Grass Situation.

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