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Sarah Palin Walking the Streets of New York in a New Piece by Billi Kid

We’d like to say it’s political street art, but as time goes by the tabloid star, former newsreader and half-term serving former governor Sarah Palin is not really as politically relevant as we thought she would become. But she is purty ain’t she? At least she is in this slick archetype of an airline stewardess/beauty contestant depiction by Street Artist Billi Kid that just hit New York this week.


The personality driven street artist usually inserts his name into the bubble of his pieces, which can confuse the message. But we get this one – United is also an airline, and the “Teabaggers” referred to are the loosely connected right wingers sprung from astroturf who feature more rabid infighting than, ironically, the Democratic party. It’s all a sad milieu we are stuck in, and once again, street art reflects us back to ourselves mercilessly. But she is purty.

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