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Mayor Mike A.K.A. “BLOOMIE” caught Tagging Tats Cru


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Turning his face from the camera so he could not be identified, writer BLOOM catches a tag across a Tats Cru
Turning his face away from the camera so he could not be identified, writer BLOOMIE catches a tag across a Tats Cru piece. (photo courtesy Tats Cru)

Okay, things are not always what they seem – this was a legal spot peeepull!  But it is a funny sort of recognition of the place that graffiti has evolved to.  I’m sure this will keep the arts and culture pundits chewing on the implications and ramifications for days. OMG!

Thanks to – and for more on this story see the Tats Cru blog – like they say “Only in New York Baby”!

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Street Signals 08.15.09

Aakash Nihalani Continues to trace the geometry of the street & Now It’s Interactive!

Simple, cheeky and inspiring. Aakash Nihalani redesigns the streets of New York by creating simple geometric shapes with Day-Glo tape, intriguing many the New Yorker. His impromptu graphic pieces highlight the contours and geometry of the city, making for playful visual grids that brighten the urban landscape.
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And now Aakash has unveiled with fanfare a new online project using interactivity and the familiar 3 dimensional line drawings he experiments with in tape world. Looks like someone has been studying his Action Script!

“In an effort to translate that very personal unique interaction of human and art, I have begun to explore interactive digital artwork that can be experienced via the internet, from anywhere in the world. Integrating the visual and experiential concepts present in my tape installations into this digital medium”

-Aakash Nihalani

Click the image to interact with Aakash's illustrations
Click the image to interact with Aakash’s illustrations

And you can where tape too, apparently!

And you can wear tape too, apparently! (photo courtesy the artist)

Trip in the “Way-Back” Machine:

Keith Haring Live

Many artists look up to him as an originator. Did you ever see this guy in action painting a car?  This short clip shows Keith Haring in his design of the BMW Z1 at the Galerie Hans Mayer in Dusseldorf.

Logan Hicks and C215 to team up at “Show and Tell” in November

From Logan Hicks,

“The single best thing about leading the life of the an artist is the people you meet. A few years ago, I saw the work of C215 and immediately loved his work. Some time later, I met C215 and got to know him personally. C215 is an amazing person and an equally amazing artist. Earlier this year C215 asked me if I was interested in doing a show with him in Toronto at the Show and Tell Gallery.

It was a natural fit and we quickly locked in the dates.”

Looks like the show opens November 6.

Logan Hicks


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