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BSA Film Friday: 07.01.16

BSA Film Friday: 07.01.16

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Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Chump for Trump. Ron English x The Sutcliffes
2. 100 Persianas by MVIN
3. Street Heroines by Alexandra Henry
4. Der Hampelmann – Naive Street Art in Berlin from Erik & Nils Petter


BSA Special Feature: Chump for Trump. Ron English x The Sutcliffes

Seeing the new Ron English mural of Donald Trump in Bushwick, Brooklyn last week we were reminded of the video he released in April with a soundtrack by The Sutcliffes, a Beatles tribute band. It uses footage from Trump rallies and commercials interspersed with illustration and animation in an approachable folky way. Once you go down the rabbit hole of Trump satire and parody videos that have been made in the last year, you’ll find enough to begin a film festival.

Ron English brings Donald Trump as Humpty Dumpty on a wall – in collaboration with The Bushwick Collective and Mana Urban Art Projects. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

100 Persianas by MVIN

A few months ago eL Seed created a multi building mural in Cairo that can only be seen in toto from a specific physical vantage point. Here is a similar project where the only way to appreciate a tag in Barcelona from MVIN is to assemble a grid of photos from 100 pull-down gates (persianas)  he painted.

Check out the Instagram account that documents the progress here.


Street Heroines by Alexandra Henry

BSA has supported many great Kickstarters and this is one that we are truly excited about. Of course we’ve brought you work from many of the women whom Ms. Henry is including in this documentary, but there are faces we haven’t seen before and people whose stories haven’t been told.

She’s almost done filming but the project needs your help and we urge you to help get her over the finish line!

 Please click on the link to help Alexandra Henry complete her project:

Der Hampelmann – Naive Street Art in Berlin from Erik & Nils Petter

Okay, we try to stay away from “cute”. This is a rare exception because it is interactive art on the street and it hearkens back to simple methods of entertaining children and, um, its so damn cute.

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