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Various and Gould say, “Street Art Saved OUR Lives”

Street Artists Various and Gould are showing one of the more entertaining pieces at the show on Friday – entirely in the vein of their fun-loving style. The difference now is they are using their own faces and creating a self portrait for the first time, called, “Street Art Saved OUR Lives”.

The wacky duo explain the new work this way,

“Our piece is a direct response to the humorous title of the show, approaching it in a personal way. Often asked about how we collaborate, the piece shows who is steering the wheel. As many other (street) artists, we have been trying to stay anonymous as much as possible in the past.


This has not so much to do with any kind of (il)legal activities, but the wish to let the artworks be in their right place. We think this gives the viewer the possibility to judge the artwork itself without the necessity to put it in context with the person behind it. Keeping your face out of things is constant work and nevertheless everything you do conveys a message.

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