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Chris Stain Skateboard Piece for Auction

Street Artist Chris Stain always complains that he doesn’t get to skateboard anymore because he has grown-up duties and there is just no time. Boo hoo.

Maybe that’s why he designed this custom one-of-a-kind deck for the Street Art New York Silent Auction Benefit.  – At least he can be close to this symbol of teenager-hood while he’s painting.


Two things I really dig about this is it includes A.) the ironic and personal statement across the bottom, “To Hell With Kevin”, which cracks me up, and B.) one of the tags on the water tower is by another artist in the very same auction.  Can you guess which one?


Congratulations to Chris for being featured in the prestigious photography magazine WINK, produced by impresario editor Charlie Fish who did a whole 8 page spread on some of his recent work, including a big mural he did in their offices. See the full online version of the magazine HERE.


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