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BSA Film Friday: 09.25.15

BSA Film Friday: 09.25.15




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Now screening :

1. OLEK in India Covers a ‘Rain Baseras’ with Community Help.
Coney Art Walls 2015 by Ken Yamamura
3. KWEST: Graffiti Sculpture at Roskilde Festival
4. Björn Holzweg Mural for Knotenpunkt 15


BSA Special Feature: OLEK in India Covers a ‘Rain Baseras’ with Community Help.

St+art Delhi 2015: Olek

Today a brand new video on OLEK’s collaborative public project in India, giving you a much more comprehensive understanding of the involvement of folks from the community who all worked together with the Street Artist’s guidance and vision to create a piece of public work. The word “inspiring” can sometimes be applied to the work that artists do. Here OLEK and the many participants show us the level of dedication, collaboration, participation, effort and appreciation that contribute to this project can give the word “inspiring” a truly expansive meaning.

“Several thousand homeless people live in New Delhi for whom the government has set up ‘Rain Baseras’ (night shelters) in various parts of the city. However, these go mostly unnoticed by others living in the city, much like the homeless people themselves. Olek is one of the worlds leading crochet artists, and with the St+art India foundation, she made a massive artpiece adorned a nigh shelter in Sarai Kale Khan, to bring attention to the homeless and the ‘Rain Basera’ Project.”

For more on this read BSA’s piece from March, 2015 : Gender, Caste, and Crochet : OLEK Transforms a Shelter in Delhi



Coney Art Walls 2015 by Ken Yamamura

 A quick look at a few of the artists installing this spring at Coney Art Walls by Ken Yamamura, with some audio from Ethel Seno.


KWEST: Graffiti Sculpture at Roskilde Festival

 “I started this as a way of taking these letter forms that I had been creating and produce them out of a tangible material,” says Kwest of this 16 year quest. If only it was as easy as he makes it sound.

The Canadian graffiti artist visited the Roskilde Festival 2015 to build the World’s biggest graffiti letter sculpture. See the process of creating this monumental piece.

Björn Holzweg Mural for Knotenpunkt 15

“Nature is not your friend,” so goes the adversarial stance of bounty hunters and survivalists. It’s true, it is a dog-eat-dog world and sometimes feels like survival of the fittest. You may think that Björn Holzweg is rather driving the point home here with this foreboding and dark video of his latest mural for Knotenpunkt 15, the contemporary and urban art festival in Hamburg.

“Björn Holzweg, born 1979 in Leipzig, lives and works in Hamburg since 2004. His paintings, sculptures, drawings and aquarelles are mainly shaped very graphically. He deals a lot with simple geometrical figures. For him, they are symbolic for our society: calculating, repeating and everlasting. With repetitive arrangements of those, he creates new spaces and dimensions.”


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Axel Void and DalEast In New Delhi for St+ART India 2015

Axel Void and DalEast In New Delhi for St+ART India 2015

Axel Void and DalEast are somehow brethren here in New Delhi at the 2015 edition of St+Art India, if not because of a shared style then because of a shared appreciation for things you cannot see – alchemists with an uncanny ability to reveal.



Axel Void begins his mural. (photo © Pranav Mehta)

Today we have excellent shots of the new murals by both of these artists taken by photographers Pravan Mehta and Akshat Nauriyal, sure to make you step back a little and appreciate some people’s ability to re-cast a public space into something much more.

Axel helps us out here with a description for his mural in Azadpur Market entitled “जिं द गी” (life), part of his “Mediocre” series. It is a simple depiction of a still life, he says, ” One of the most frequently recurring themes in the history of classical painting.”


Axel Void. Process shot. (photo © Akshat Nauriyal)

He says he was inspired by the Azadpur fruit and vegetable market, one of the (or possibly the) largest in Asia, where he was surrounded by people, cars, sounds of the metro, buyers, sellers, a family of monkeys, and goats, chickens, pigs, and cows. “The wall is painted over the Delhi Cold Storage and next to the Azadpur Mosque,” he says.

After the Axel Void piece you’ll see DalEast, who tends toward the philosophical and spiritual in his compositions of forms taking shape before you. DalEast takes a somewhat typical piece of architecture and transforms it with a flooding rush of birds flowing through an open arched doorway. It is a constellation of energy and life that flying at you when the curtain goes up, instantly metamorphosing a public space into a possibly sacred place.


Axel Void. Process shot. (photo © Akshat Nauriyal)


Axel Void. Process shot. (photo © Akshat Nauriyal)


Axel Void (photo © Pranav Mehta)


Axel Void. The finished mural on the wall of Asia’s largest fruit and vegetable markets. (photo © Pranav Mehta)


DALeast. Process shot. (photo © Pranav Mehta)


DALeast. Process shot. (photo © Pranav Mehta)


DALeast. Process shot. (photo © Akshat Nauriyal)


DALeast (photo © Akshat Nauriyal)


DALeast. Process shot. (photo © Akshat Nauriyal)


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