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BSA Film Friday: 03.21.14

BSA Film Friday: 03.21.14



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Miss Van in Wynwood, Miami
2. Cane Morto + Ema Jons
3. Virtuous Reality * Adam Void and Ryan Seslow
4. In Memory of Shawn Whisenant by Spencer Keeton Cunningham

BSA Special Feature: Miss Van in Wynwood, Miami

In this gentle meditation by Edition Slurp we find Miss Van painting and langorously stroking the canvas with brush while she was at Wynwood Walls in December. Read more about the event Women Rock Wynwood Walls at Miami Art Basel 2013


Cane Morto + Ema Jons

A night time escape captured by El Pacino and Tanguy Bombonera appears to accompany Italian bruta expressionistas Cane Morta in a large scale night time collabo with Ema Jons while traffic whizzes by obliviously.


Virtuous Reality * Adam Void and Ryan Seslow

To file under experimental: a collaboration by practitioners of art in the street that merges the styles of both Adam VOID and Ryan Seslow. Sound and vision chops together a pastiche of images to lull you to sleep and to jolt you awake you from your hypnotic solid state dream life.


In Memory of Shawn Whisenant by Spencer Keeton Cunningham

“You can grab your skateboard and your camera and go outside, and the world is yours,” says Whisenant to the camera as he describes one of the perfect days in the street.

A fine and poignant tribute to artist, skater, photographer and friend to many on San Francisco’s streets, Shawn passed away earlier this month.  The stills, music clips, interviews and commentary give a sense of the open approach he had to creativity, to art making, to others – and here these reminders of him are pulled together in an endearing and regardful way. Our thoughts go out to Shawn’s family and friends during this time.

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