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BSA Film Friday: 01.08.16

BSA Film Friday: 01.08.16




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Faith47, No Standing Anytime
2. Graveyard For The Forgotten: Sonny
3. Andreco: Climate 01 in Paris
4. LODZ Murals in 2015


BSA Special Feature: Faith47, No Standing Anytime

A gorgeously ambient tribute to New York through the eyes of a visitor who takes some alternate routes through the city along with the more obvious ones to capture vignettes of mundanity and of wonder. Rowan Pybus shoots this city poetry as a series of visual stanzas stacked unevenly, accompanied by the occasional Faith47 mural (she has accumulated a few in NYC now) as well as the wistful sound recordings of lemurs by Alexia Webster that melt into the gentle audio cacophony of the street as designed by Jonathan Arnold. The combined passages allow you to slow down and contemplate the whirring city and a handful of its moments as sweet parenthesis in this run-on sentence called New York. Okay, that’s enough, move along now, no standing.

Graveyard For The Forgotten: Sonny

Sonny may be feeling likewise disjointed or haunted in the detritus of this hulking flying machine, but rather strikes a pose as hoodlum instead. As he blankets the fuselage in black you wonder how he will resolve the matter.

Andreco: Climate 01 in Paris

A brief look at the new mural by Andreco in Paris, which he says is meant to be a commentary on the consequences of Climate Change and the alteration of the Earth’s natural cycles.

Location: Richomme School, Goutte d’or, 18e, Paris


LODZ Murals in 2015

A combination of stop-action and drone fly-bys gives this latest collection of murals from LODZ a modern treatment.


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