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BSA Images Of The Week: 09.26.21

BSA Images Of The Week: 09.26.21

The Harvest Moon flooded New York skies three nights this week as we welcomed the fall equinox and we all stared up at the sky and the Koreans ate mooncakes and the tensions on the street seemed to tighten and then release. There is a fresh new hell of a Covid vaccine fight threatening staffing at hospitals, but luckily this week food delivery workers successfully fought for and won better conditions from a parasitic app/restaurant system that extracted their labor and gave precious little back in return. Schools opened and we’ve ducked a few good storms; the Italian Catholics are celebrating the Feast of San Gennaro and the Hasidic Jews are celebrating in those small sukkah buildings all around some neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

A pause. It’s unusual to feel this sense in this city – but it’s there – on a sunny day where the sky is clear of clouds and a flock of geese still waddles and honks in the tall weeds and garbage by the Wallabout Channel. Is it a pause of satisfaction at the end of a summer full of fun, or perhaps a calm resignation before a storm as businesses are staying closed or operating at reduced staff. And while the Federal Reserve and ECB and World Bank insist there is just a smidgen of temporary, transitory inflation, tell us why a pound of butter is $6.00 at the local deli, the average price of a used car is $25K, and shipping container prices have soared to $20K?

There is a steady number of new street art pieces going up on doorways, power boxes, and concrete walls, but they are competing all of the triumphal purple and blue and pink Morning Glories flooding fences and walls and garden gates in neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn – a most generous overflow that summer gives as a parting gift.

Here’s our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring Cssh4, Cheak, Clown Soldier, Diva Dogla, Drecks, ERRE, Fat Jak, Font 147, Goblin, Goog, JerkFace, Little Ricky, Mort Art, Praxis, Rambo, Seibot, Sinclair the Vandal, and Smetsky.

Jerkface gave his double Mickey Mouse a face lift. (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Clown Soldier (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Cash Poor 907 (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Mort Art (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Rambo (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Seibot (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Drecks (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Drecks (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Drecks (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Drecks (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Drecks (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Little Ricky (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Diva Dogla (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Fatjak (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Smet Sky (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Font 147 (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Erre says “Come Mierda” (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Goblin (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Praxis (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Cheak (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Sinclair The Vandal (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Goog (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Untitled. Last day of Summer. Brooklyn, NYC. September 2021. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

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BSA Images Of The Week: 09.05.21

BSA Images Of The Week: 09.05.21

Welcome to BSA Images of the Week!

We were battered like hell this week by the remnants of a hurricane – not the actual hurricane itself. Yet New York was unprepared for the onslaught of precipitation in such a short period of time – producing flooding like we haven’t seen in ages, or ever. Basement apartments were overtaken in hours, first floors soon after – and lives were lost. We mourn the victims and console their families.

Roads, tunnels, trains, streets, airports – all paralyzed. The seriousness of the damage makes many of us take a step back, take stock – and wonder how many more years the PR disinformation industry can cloud our minds with doubt about climate change. It worked for decades with cigarettes, has worked for decades with the war machine, the health industry, the financial industry, against voting rights, against labor unions….

Hmm… at this rate, it looks like we better buy some flippers and a snorkel.

And in the streets, we are comforted by images of our pop heroes, rock gods, and asundry archetypes.

Here’s our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring Allison Dayka, Almost Over Keep Smiling, Came Moreno, DEK2DX, Foxito, Goblin, Hek Tad, HOACS, Lorenzo Masnah, Lucas Official, Psycho Love, Ramiro Davaro-Comas, Roio47, Smet Sky, Tomer Linaje, Trace1, Ultramarine Dream, Vitruvian Truth, and Voxx Romana.

Goblin (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Vitruvian Truth (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Ultramarine Dream (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Voxx Roamana (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Smet Sky (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Foxitto and friends with the Iron Lady. (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Almost Over Keep Smiling (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Unidentified artist (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Tomer Linaje. Came Moreno (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Psycho Love (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Lorenzo Masnah (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Lorenzo Masnah (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Lucas Official (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Ramiro Davaro-Comas (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Rolo47 (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Allison Dayka (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Trace1 (photo © Jaime Rojo)
HekTad (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Voxx Romana (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Hoacs (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Dek2DX (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Untitled. Arby’s. Spartanburg, SC. Summer 2021. (photo © Jaime Rojo)
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