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Dude Asks Girl ; Street Art Plays “Cupid”

Street Art that is Highly Personal and Public


Video still from “Proposal” by Aaron Vanden

Graffiti and Street Artists have been employing the public space to communicate for a few generations, and every day we are seeing examples that the new generation is determined to take it in new directions. Here’s a dude who took his message to the street to win the heart of his girl. Brooklyn-Street-Art-2-Aaron-Tamara-Proposal-Feb-2011

Video still from “Proposal” by Aaron Vanden

While there are a number of interesting aspects about this approach you can observe, one is the idea taken from graffiti culture where the message is directed at a specific audience. While graff writers have used the street to speak in a coded way directly to their peers, (or like 70s train writer Lee Quinones, his mom) this Street Artist makes a succession of art pieces placed along a frigid winter path that speak to the object of his affection. Like graff writers, the pieces use symbolism specific to his personal story and of relevance to his intended audience.

With best wishes to Aaron and Tamara.


Aaron’s thanks to: Simon Stutts (, Nic Trent (, Ty Bishop, Jane Sheldon (, Monica Stringer

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