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Seimiek in Lima: Swimming with the Big Fish

Wild boars, fanged street cats, raging bears and bulldogs. These brightly portrayed wildlife are on many walls of Lima, signatures of Peruvian Street Artist and graffiti writer Seimiek.  Just completing this new piece of a carnivorous big fish in the shantytowns of Lima, Seimiek traces the influences of his work to the typical mask from the folklore tradition. In much of his work you’ll also see the influence of Peruvian textiles and a healthy dose of Santeria, comic books, and street theater.

Seimiek. (photo © Seimiek)

Seimiek. (photo © Seimiek)

“While I was painting this kid came along and asked me if he could go swimming with the fish and jumped in front of the camera,” says Seimiek.

Seimiek (photo © Seimiek)

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