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A New Zine from GAIA: Second Cities

BSA Exclusive: Gaia, Second Cities.

Second Cities, a new zine by Street Artist Gaia, is an exploration of the roles that Street Art plays in our urban environment. Gaia muses on Street Art as an illegal act, Street Art as an organic place holder and the reactivation of space in cities such as Baltimore, Chicago, Miami and New York City. With an eye toward historical education about urban planning and power, he looks at the role that politicians and developers play in shaping the communities and living environments and how those decisions affect those who populate our big metropolitan areas. Here are a couple of snap shots from the zine and a link to the complete zine. We encourage you to click on the link to continue reading and to see the compelling photographs that enrich Gaia’s illuminating text.

Gaia: Second Cities. Snapshot of the cover from his self-published zine. ( © Gaia)

“Street Art is not beautiful for what it produces, but for its potential” -Gaia

Gaia: Second Cities. Snap Shot from the Zine. ( © Gaia)

Gaia: Second Cities. Snap Shot from the Zine. ( © Gaia)

Click on the link below to view the entire zine:

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