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Brand New Faile Video – The 1986 Challenger Crash and It’s Impact

“Street Art: It’s a Living Breathing Thing on the Street,” says Patrick Miller

A few months ago, the independent doc filmmakers from Ride5 Films interviewed FAILE and did a beautiful, striking job of it.

The five-minute short film explores the motivation and the message behind their art – why they make it, how they make it and how they hope people will interact with it.

Of particular interest is the ruminating that both Patricks did about an historic event that affected them strongly as kids, and they explain in some detail the relevance of at least one of the recurring images in the Faile library – as well as the date 1986 (or number 86) that is often spotted in their work.

“…that night we were talking about the 1986 space shuttle Challenger disaster and we had very specific memories about where we were and what was going on that that time,” explains Patrick O’Neil.

With Special thanks to Ryan, Chris and Liz from Ride5 FIlms for sharing this with Brooklyn Street Art.


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The Art of Paul Insect – 3 New Videos from Carlos Gonzalez

The Photographer Continues to Explore Storytelling With Video

Leading up to the Paul Insect exhibit over at Venice’s Post No Bills gallery, photographer Carlos Gonzalez continued to challenge his visual skills by creating a video to impart a visual narrative, a psychological grounding to the physical process of the artist preparing for the show. The discovery of what it takes to create the show and the prints that were to sold inspired Carlos to tell the story in a new way, using video more than he has before.

Careful observation of movement, pattern, subtleties of technique – all underlaid with a sophistication in audio selections – reveals a talent in the storyteller that keeps unfolding before our eyes even as he endeavors to tell us about Paul Insect the artist and the Ramon De Larosa, the print master. As De Larosa mans the 2oo year old machine to create pieces for the U.K. based artist, bobbing and rolling and pulling and pressing play out as dance over a bed of electronic music and mechanical beats,  succinctly merging two centuries into one.

And in this newest video the screen printing process is explained in 80 seconds to the quick cuts and fluttering drum meter of a motor city inflected rockabilly beat as De Larosa gently applies rich patches of color to a new Insect portrait. It feels like we are all learning at one time – artist, master, videographer, observer.

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