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BSA Film Friday 09.19.14

BSA Film Friday 09.19.14




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Shepard Fairey’s Wall in Little Italy
2. ARYZ  for CityLeaks
3. Robots Spraying Out the Window – Jeff Soto
4. Robo-Rainbow
6. Edoardi Tresoldi “Pensieri” For street art festival “OLTRE IL MURO” in Sapri, Italy
7. Ryan Seslow / Adam Void * Handstyles

BSA Special Feature:
Shepard Fairey’s Wall in Little Italy

Produced by Element Tree, this is the video by Serringe that just came out a couple of days ago of Shepard Fairey’s recent installation in New York.


ARYZ  for CityLeaks

From the CityLeaks Urban Arts Feastival in Cologne, Germany, here is ARYZ speaking about the largest skeleton he’s every painted.

Robots Spraying Out the Window – Jeff Soto

This car manufacturer placed robots in a car to spray the walls to give their product some street cred. While they are busy patting themselves on the back we’re reminded of many street art autonomous innovators who have done this kind of work on the streets before, like Mudlevel, who created the Robo-Rainbow three years ago (below). Self-funded experimenters have jerry-rigged bikes, scooters, contraptions, machines, even drones to spray paint onto walls over the last decade so this brand hasn’t pioneered anything new necessarily. Possibly they just saw the Alexander McQueen robots spraying a dress in 1999.

Cool project nonetheless and props to artist Jeff Soto for his continued good work.


A splendid look at street ingenuity and over-thinking the simplest job. Clap your hands for MUDLEVEL.


Augmented reality continues to grow into the consumer world and this app will help you to replace those pesky print messages foisted into the public space with, oh, art.

Perhaps soon when you scan one of those hideous new all-car subway advertising campaigns it will trigger a full car piece by Lee Quinones! Now that’s an idea worth pursuing!

Edoardi Tresoldi “Pensieri” For street art festival “OLTRE IL MURO” in Sapri, Italy

A permanent installation of electro-welded net for Oltre il Muro festival, in Sapri, Italy, bends perception depending on the angle it is seen from, especially when shot by drone.


Grafideo = Graffiti + Video * Ryan Seslow / Adam Void * Handstyles

In their second collaboration, this Street Art and graffiti duo offer up their latest experiment combining their interests and skills and feeding them through a series of texturing. “This is what happens when new-school meets old-school, when technology collides with the primal. Real life distortion of spray tags & letter styles merged with animated gifs & overlay filters.”

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