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BSA Film Friday: 02.17.23

BSA Film Friday: 02.17.23

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Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening:
1. MOMO “Final Call” Via Studio Cromie

2. 5 Minutes with: Rosy One (Schweiz)via

3. PichiAvo “Used to Be” at Underdogs gallery in Lisbon

4. ARAI sings “Little Stupid Boy”

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BSA Special Feature: MOMO “Final Call”

MOMO and that dude from Studio Cromie have an in-depth conversation about a new series of non-representational artworks by MOMO, as represented by that dude from Studio Cromie.

Buon appetito!

MOMO Final Call. Via Studio Cromie

First entranced by hip-hop culture in the late 80s and writing graffiti in the early 90s in Switzerland, Rosy One moved on to train bombing and was hooked for life. Rosy One says she doesn’t see herself accommodating herself into conventional society; she favors working alone although she’s been in crews, and describes her style as having a “sweet and tough” aesthetic, clearly influenced by the New York, Paris, and Berlin scenes.

Turn on the subtitles – they work!


“What first draws their attention is the mixture of graffiti with classical art. We try to convey our roots and that this is what we know.” PichiAvo have always traveled and spoken to you in the myths and the margins. The nexus of the two is the genius that can be found amidst the ruins, at the margins of society. Exposed to the elements, these generations are called to the fore, equally at home inside or outside.

“Our work is in the studio, and our work is in the street, and we aim for there to be a balance between both worlds.”

Keep your eyes open for a collaborative canvas with Vhils. Another diamond in the rough.

PichiAvo “Used to Be” at Underdogs gallery in Lisbon

ARAI sings “Little Stupid Boy”

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