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BSA Film Friday 06.30.17

BSA Film Friday 06.30.17


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. Herakut at Nigg Bay
2. Maga Ilustration for 12 + 1 in Barcelona
3. Csaw X All Teeth in Abandoned Tribute
4. UCIT “VIETNAM” – The adventures of Optimistuey.
5. Order55 X Sydney from Dom West.


BSA Special Feature: Herakut at Nigg Bay

Jon Reid takes us on a trip down to the sea from Aberdeen, Scotland to see Jasmine from Herakut creating in a secret little spot. “As the sea lapped against the coastal rocks Hera quickly sketched out her idea and began to lay down her distinctive lines. As the seagull figure began to emerge we all looked on with wonder. For a week of special moments this was a real highlight for me and a memory I’ll always cherish.”

Extra points for spotting Evan Pricco and Ian Cox.

Maga Ilustration for 12 + 1 in Barcelona

You have already seen stills from this wall by Maga for Contorno Urbano in our posting from April 22nd called Anna Maga for “12 + 1” Project In Barcelona.

Today we have a small video of her determined style along with a soundtrack that makes you think of a murder mystery.

“A fan of graffiti jams, roller skating and figurative painting, Maga Anna is a local illustrator, mural painter, children’s educator, and commercial designer.”

Csaw X All Teeth in Abandoned Tribute

Friday’s dose of ruin porn delivered to your device, here Csaw of the Bay Area and of HCM Crew paints a tribute to Gloom in a giant abandoned starship compound that has seen better days.

Video by Relative Minds.


UCIT “VIETNAM” – The adventures of Optimistuey. By Justin Smith

It’s important to try to be optimistic, and UCIT memeber Optimistuey has it right there in his name.

Here he smacks a few walls, one in the most optimistic of hues, in Vietnam.


Order55 X Sydney from Dom West.

Seb Humphries akc Order55 spends a rainy day taking us for a ride into his hallucinatory patterned clouds, perhaps illustrating how graffiti sometimes easily moves into contemporary art.

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