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BSA Film Friday: 05.22.15

BSA Film Friday: 05.22.15



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

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1. Rap Quotes ATL: Dirty South Edition
2. Narcelio Grud – Cinetic Graffiti
3. DourOne in South Park LA by Phil Sanchez
4. Haeler Keeping Detroit Alive

Rap Quotes ATL: Dirty South Edition

We’re here in the Waffle House in the dirty south talking about putting up site-specific rap lyrics all around Atlanta. Pass the syrup please. This Rap Quotes project has taken you from New York to LA and Philly and now to the gateway. It’s a treasure hunt, it’s educational, it’s musical, historical, geographical, features strip clubs, – fun for the whole dysfunctional family! Big ups to Jay Shells and Animal New York for keeping this flame high!

Narcelio Grud – Cinetic Graffiti

The latest project incorporating hand made creations and artistic vision, Grud may have perplexed more participants than titilated with this one; a hand-powered sound installation.

DourOne in South Park LA by Phil Sanchez

The neighborhood of South Park hired DourOne to paint this mural in Los Angeles through their business improvement initiative. The commercial artist from Madrid has done a number of jobs with alcohol brands so his chops are smooth and this multi-sliced portrait is meant to evoke the character of various neighborhoods in LA.

Haeler Keeping Detroit Alive

Another entry from Animal New York this week – the graffiti artist Haeler in Detroit, where all things are running wild right now as entrepreneurs, artists, prospectors, and snake oil salesmen are laying claim to the bones that the banks left. Sidenote: why do people sound like Darth Vader in these videos?

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