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BSA Film Friday: 09.12.14

BSA Film Friday: 09.12.14




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Skewville and Two Dead Rats on Wire
2. Farewell: Velibre
3. Park Rituals” with HOT TEA
4. Project M/5 in Berlin with VNA

BSA Special Feature:
Skewville and Two Dead Rats on Wire

Produced by Dscreet, DUBL Vermin shows one of Brooklyn’s finest and one half of Skewville, Mr. Ad Deville being his usual charming bad-role-model self with a little extra disgustingness thrown in for flava. Just released, this video looks like it was shot about 3-4 years ago, we’re guessing. But after you see the major attraction/s here, you will agree that this is just a timeless piece of art. Sponsored by Heineweiser.

Farewell: Velibre

Farewell is back with a new experiment on the street entitled “Velibre” which may re-calibrate your expectations for transportation.


A more commercial video but yet insightful into the work of Hot Tea and the enthusiastic renaissance man from Montreal, Fred Caron.


Project M/5 in Berlin with VNA

The latest installment of the nascent UN museum Project M is curated by Roland Henry for VNA magazine a great crew of artists. You may also enjoy the community element on display here as Yasha Young and team find an opportunity to give back.


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