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BSA Film Friday: 02.24.17

BSA Film Friday: 02.24.17


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. Kate Tempest – “Europe Is Lost”
2. DESCUBRIENDO NUESTRA HISTORIA – Discovering Our History (Chile)
3. Cane Morto: Grimy Drawings With High Precision Tools.
4. Bezt X Natalia Rak in collaboration with Thinkspace. Film by Birdman


BSA Special Feature: Kate Tempest – “Europe Is Lost”

Not your average happy Friday video, but a powerful one for this moment showcasing some new talents in music and video – and the collaged technique of Street Art that we often find on “organic” walls in city centers where the multiple voices of many are collectively yelling for your attention.

Rage filled Trump, KKK members, police violence, industrial pollution, drug use, mechanized systems of production, fabulous hedonism, starving people, prisons: The technique of rapid-file visual shocks in a battering succession timed to illustrate the lyrics was popularized by punk bands in the nineties – who probably borrowed it from the collage photo and text technique in punk and anarchist hand-made zines of the 70s and 80s. By de-saturating the color images to black and white the various clips are on equal footing and the pacing is plainly rolled out sans filter for impressive impact.

Singer/rapper/poet South Londoner Kate Tempest is a clarion voice at this moment and an animated force to consider over a sparely punctuating musical arrangement. According to press reports the video was created by a fan named Manual Braun and it became the official video for the song, making the message feel even more grassroots as a result.

Quoted in The Independent this month, Tempest says her song isn’t offering much hope so don’t get your hopes up. “It’s too late now. It’s gone beyond somebody being right and somebody being wrong,” she said. “It’s far too late. “We’re in the middle of a massive humanitarian crisis.”  However, the very fact that artists and thinkers are getting these messages out and in front of us is a cause for hope and we believe the people have the ability to heal these crisis.


Also check out Kate’s live performance on KEXP in Kex Hostel in Reykjavik during Iceland Airwaves last November.


Desie, Teo, Nao and Majestick collaborate on a new community mural at a bus station called PAZ. There is a certain poetry in that statement, as well as the reviving of memories from the previous traders and workers “helping to remember what was every inhabitant of the historic commune” in Santiago, Chile.



Cane Morto: Grimy Drawings With High Precision Tools.

Italian trio Cane Morto are back with a new grimy zine they made just for you.



Bezt X Natalia Rak in collaboration with Thinkspace. Film by Birdman.

Celebrated a new wall by exhibiting artists at Thinkspace in Los Angeles, photographer Birdman shoots a video of the making of the wall and the process.

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