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“No Room For Racism” Begins Right Where We Are

“No Room For Racism” Begins Right Where We Are

We were just looking at this piece by graffiti writer and mixed media artist Greg Lamarche aka Sp.One, and we were reflecting that art-making and advocating for social/political change can be a one-person brigade.

Greg Lamarche (image courtesy of the artist)

We’re also reminded that borrowing from advertising campaign techniques doesn’t always mean selling wars or shampoo; sometimes it is a powerful force for changing society in a positive way.

The Premier League and other sports organizations have tackled racism head-on with the “No Room For Racism” campaign, and continue to do so. This active allyship with all our brothers and sisters is what must happen if we are to effectively combat our historical legacy, and you never know what your one resolute action will do, or how far it will travel.

No Room For Racism. (image courtesy of the Premier League)

American football player Colin Kaepernick stuck to his convictions and used his position to do so, and this past Sunday rapper Eminen used his influence during the Super Bowl. Action takes many forms: Rock Hill South Carolina just began its “No Room For Racism” college basketball classic in December, and T-shirt maker Teepublic dedicates a whole line of shirts that focuses on fighting racism graphically – the people wear those t-shirts to parties, to work, to the grocery store.

Person by person, sport-by-sport, game-by-game, people are being confronted and reminded. These are sometimes purely individual changes, but they send important messages to our peers and future generations.

Rapper Eminem takes a knee behind Dr. Dre at Super Bowl halftime show this past Sunday. (©Ben Solomon for The New York Times)

In this article about a recent act of racism in the sport of ice hockey, Canadian professional defenseman P.K. Subban reminds us, “But people have to start with their friends and their family. That’s where it comes from. But fans too. We need fans and everybody to make this a place where everyone feels comfortable.”

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No Room For Racism. Australian sticker.
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