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Street Signals 09.12.09

Rome is about the have a “New York Minute”


Uncrating the New York monsters at Macro Future.

NEW YORK MINUTE is opening in Rome September 19.  MACRO FUTURE, the former slaughterhouse that is part of the Museum of Contemporary Art, will  present sixty artists who live, work or gravitate around the city of New York. It’s a look at the drama, danger, speed and dynamism of our city’s diverse creative activities.

It is curated by Kathy Grayson with the support of DepART Foundation.

Artists include urban art names like Steve Powers, Barry McGee, Dash Snow, and AVAF (Assume Vivid Astro Focus)

Read More about the NEW YORK MINUTE SHOW here

Here’s a video by AVAF from a few years ago featuring the Yoko Ono song, “Walking on Thin Ice”

Walking On Thin Ice by Assume Vivid Astro Focus and Honeygun Labs, with Carla Machado.


D*Face Opens Tonight at Jonathan Levine Gallery

Ludovico Aversion Therapy: All Your Dreams Belong to Us

Ludovico Aversion Therapy: All Your Dreams Belong to Us (D*Face) (courtesy Drago and Jonathan Levine)

London street artist D*Face doesn’t get the big head that some artists do, and can’t be bothered by repetition – any medium is good and everything gets attacked in a fun cartoony way and images of superheroes, pop heros, dead presidents… all get the D*Face skullification.  For such dark symbols, the light-hearted feeling permeates the various permutations.

Creative Commons License photo credit: unusualimage

Jonathan Levine Gallery

529 West 20th Street, 9th Fl

New York, NY 10011

Sep 12 thru Oct 10, 2009

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