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BSA Film Friday: 03.18.16

BSA Film Friday: 03.18.16




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Olek’s Crochet Group Performance in India
2. Narcelio Grud and a Mobile Restroom
3. Más by Mateo in Montreal


BSA Special Feature: Olek’s Crochet Group Performance in India

An original idea combining art and activism as performance in public space, again conceived of, directed, and performed by Olek. Her second trip to India, Olek intimately studies the sociological structures that enable some while restrict others and in a gentle and firmly inspirational manner begins a crochet revolution.

The physical practice of creating crochet taps deeply into historical roles based on gender and class, among others. It is art, craft, and work simultaneously. The artful placing of non-performer persons performing in a public space – a crochet flash mob, if you will – activates the environment powerfully. Add to this a symbolic denial of speech or sight by way of gag or blindfold and you have a silently shocking referendum on societal inequality, and a very personal appreciation for the path of the individual.

Among her many missions is to support Maitri to reduce gender based violence. “They are doing so much for those who need,” she tells us.


Narcelio Grud and a Mobile Restroom

A social scientist of a different stripe, Narcelio Grud constructs the project and places it in the public sphere to observe how you/we interact with it. Knowing what details are necessary to provoke a reaction is part of his genius and the product of insightful study. Encountering one of his installations, people are unwittingly, willingly, the performers. Welcome to the show.

Más by Mateo in Montreal

Covering a ruddy multi-planed surface like exposed brick by brush and roller is no quick and easy feat. Mateo shows us how to use brush, aerosol, and stencil to bring to this Montreal wall a reminder to sit quietly and calmly contemplate. Her eyes have been blindfolded with a sign that says Más; as in “No Más“, no more visual information flooding at you from different directions. Be calm.

“In a society of consumption where everything keeps going faster and we always desire more,” he says. “We shouldn’t fail to remind ourselves to slow down, and therefore take time to better ourselves as individuals.”

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