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NUART 2015 Box Set Boasts Jamie Reid, Martha Cooper, Futura, and More

NUART 2015 Box Set Boasts Jamie Reid, Martha Cooper, Futura, and More

A quick shout out today to a not-for-profit organization we work with in Norway called Nuart, whose Street Art festival is one of the best and which celebrated its 15th year this September. As a fundraiser for the dedicated art collectors this year Nuart produced a collection of 15 plates in boxed set to fund-raise and to make a record of their evolutionary timeline.

Limiting the color range to red, black and white, the collection includes works by artists whom have crossed paths with and made important contributions to the graffiti/Street Art/urban art oeuvrein some cases spanning decades.

The boxed set of plates is for the seriously committed collector and contains original signed works by Bortusk Leer (UK, Jamie Reid (UK, Dotdotdot (NO), Isaac Cordal (ES), Martha Cooper (US), Futura (US), Fra Biancoshock (IT), Martin Whatson (Handfinished) (NO), Icy & Sot (IR), Ella & Pitr (FR), Sandra Chevrier (CA), Dotmasters (UK), Mobstr (UK), M-City (Hand-sprayed original) (PL), and Pixel Pancho (IT).





NUART 2015 . Box Set. Futura. (photo courtesy of NUART)


NUART 2015 . Box Set. Mobstr. (photo courtesy of NUART)


NUART 2015 . Box Set. Martha Cooper. (photo courtesy of NUART)


NUART 2015 . Box Set. Sandra Chevrier (photo courtesy of NUART)


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Stolen Space Gallery Presents: “Write & Repeat” Group Exhibition. (London, UK)

‘Write & Repeat’ Group show
21.02.13 – 10.03.13

A visually compelling show formed solely from text and pattern based pieces, Write and Repeat is a modern exploration of the two much celebrated forms.

Patterns are all around us. The repetition of shapes and colours form our environment, our natural and manmade landscapes. Even the landscape of our minds are built upon patterns and repetition; the habits and rituals, the ‘rites’ that we perpetuate.

 The use of text in art has drastically evolved over time, and has been used as a purely visual element, as a more direct form of artistic expression, a political tool, and as an art form in its own right. From blatant slogans to seemingly meaningless shapes, text in art offers a unique opportunity for expression.
By combining the two exclusively, we hope to create a visually and mentally captivating collection for January 2013.
Arth Daniels, Charlie Anderson, Chloe early, Cyrcle, D*Face, David Bray, Eelus, EINE, Hayden Kays, Jim Houser, Josie Morway, Julie Impens, Kai & Sunny, Lucas (Cyclops), Maya Hayuk, Mobstr, Nylon, Pete Fowler, Ryca, Sylvia Ji, Shepard Fairey, Tilt, Usugrow, Will Barras, Word To Mother and more.
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Mobstr Photographed by Ian Cox

Mobstr Photographed by Ian Cox

We’re counting down the last 12 days of 2012 with Street Art photos chosen by BSA readers. Each one was nominated because it has special meaning to a reader or is simply a photograph from 2012 that they think is great. Our sincere thanks to everyone who shared their favorite images.

Our tenth entry comes from photographer Ian Cox and was taken at this year’s NUART Festival in Stavanger, Norway. This entry was nominated by Martyn Reed, founder of NUART, who waxes below about the photo and it’s taker.

“Ian Cox, fast becoming one of the scenes’ leading documentarians, captured this perfect shot of Mobstr’s piece for Nuart. Ian headed out during a relentless downpour and waited for his moment. For me, it captures so much of what is usually missed when documenting street works; its site specificity (The downhill sloping wall was a nightmare to source), how it’s not only seen but also “activated” by people passing by, its humour, the concept and how it allows a photographer to also add new layers of meaning.”

The initial pun is elevated to new levels when viewed through the lens of a remarkable photographer,” remarks Mr. Reed.

Mobstr (photo © Ian Cox)

Visit Ian Cox Flickr page to see more photos of his work here.


Check out the BSA Images of 2012 video here.


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