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NEMO’S “Mafia Capitale” on a Pork Slaughterhouse Outside Rome

NEMO’S “Mafia Capitale” on a Pork Slaughterhouse Outside Rome

Oh, don’t be maudlin, dearies, it’s just a lengthwise naked man whose head is being sliced off into gold medallions.

Nemo’s is back on BSA with a new piece of a man in pieces.

Mafia Capitale speaks to what the Italian Street Artist says is a confluence of organized crime, human trafficking, and a former pork slaughterhouse.


NemO’S process shot. Rome, Italy. (photo © courtesy of NemO’S)

The ex factory is home to many immigrant families who took it over a few years ago to make homes inside; without permits, electricity, heat, water. In 2012 two imaginative film directors became conduits of creativity and christened it the Metropoliz Space and introduced interactive art projects to draw the newly formed community together and provide artful diversions.

Mafia Capitale is both the name of Nemo’s new piece and the organized crime group in Rome newspapers for the last 15 years who stood accused of a variety of crimes such as “extortion, usury, bribery, false billing, fraudulent transfer of assets, money laundering and other crimes,” says the artist.


NemO’S process shot. Rome, Italy. (photo © courtesy of NemO’S)

Most significant to this painting is the crime organization’s alleged profiting from trafficking immigrants. Nemo’s says that one of them was reportedly caught on a wiretap saying, “do you realize how much I can earn on immigrants? Drug trafficking doesn’t make this much! …”.

The stories Nemo’s can tell you are intricate and dizzying, and again his mural is painful and truthful – and a little bit funny. Don’t you admire the ladder on top of the car?

Before we go, please look at the video series created by Giorgio De Finis and Fabrizio Boni of Metropoliz Space to see the immigrants creating a new life inside this old factory and the intersection with art and imagination – and a space rocket. It’s worth your time.


NemO’S process shot. Rome, Italy. (photo © courtesy of NemO’S)


NemO’S. Rome, Italy. CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE (photo © courtesy of NemO’S)

“I created Mafia Capitale on na outside wall of Metropoliz and it’s a self-financed project, built without permits and sponsors,” says Nemo’s.  “The project was wanted and curated by Giorgio De Finis e Michela Pierlorenzi.”



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