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Leanna Valente Shares a Favorite : 14 From 2014

Leanna Valente Shares a Favorite : 14 From 2014

Happy Holidays to all of you charming and sparkling BSA readers!
It’s been a raucous sleigh ride with you and we thank everyone most sincerely for your support and participation this year. A sort of tradition for us at the end of this December we are marking the year with “14 from 2014”. We asked photographers and curators from various perspectives of street culture to share a gem with all of us that means something to them. Join us as we collectively say goodbye and thank you to ’14.
Local New York blogger and photographer Leanna Valente sees Street Art and graffiti through a prism of fashion as well as street culture. An avid fan of the New York scene, it is not unusual to see Leanna at openings at galleries and shows and on the street with camera in hand or ready with a poloroid photo to ask an artist to sign with a sharpie.  In addition to freely giving publicity to artists with her work and blog, Valente is also a collage artist whose work has shown in galleries and alternative spaces in New York for the last 15 years.

“I chose this photo as one of my favorites of 2014 as spring was approaching and The Big Egg Hunt was underway. This event was something new to NYC that brought the entire city together searching out these artists’ eggs hidden across the boroughs. It was a truly positive and whimsical event that seemed to capture everyone’s attention, especially us art fanatics. Not solely limited to contemporary and fine artists, street and graffiti artists were recognized and chosen to participate and decorate an egg, which made it even more special to me. Like many New Yorker’s and tourists, I daily scoured the city with my phone and egg-hunt-app in hand trying to collect all of the art eggs.

I loved this egg by Marsha Meredith found in a Grand St. boutique window in Brooklyn. The reflection of the storefront glass, buildings, “Brooklyn” written graffiti style with Brooklyn artist Kave’s name and the train references on the egg—all seemed to capture the city perfectly. The event reminded me how lucky we are to live here.”

~Leanna Valentex


Marsha Meredith. Brooklyn, NYC. (photo © Leanna Valente)


See Leanna’s Art & Fashion Salon blog HERE.



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