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Wish #8: Broken Crow

10-Wishes-for-10No 8Names_Broken_Crow

10 Wishes for 2010, #8, Broken Crow

For ten days we’re presenting ten artists and their wishes for the new year, 2010, in no particular order.  Together, they are a tiny snapshot of the people who are part of the giant explosion of street art in New York.  Individually, each has added their expression of the creative spirit to the decade now ending.

Today’s wish for 2010 comes from Broken Crow, a duo of stencil animals whose metaphorical bears, horses, porcupines, and others from the natural world draw our attention to human’s impact and folly.

“In 2010, we wish to somehow acquire around 10,000 x-acto blades, 55 rolls of 36 inch wide butcher paper, a pallet of duct tape, a 160 foot tall cherry picker, 1000 cans of flat black spray paint, 600 gallons of exterior flat latex paint, a 2 month supply of sunblock, and funding for 5 months worth of prep work. We need all these things because for the last few months we’ve been in talks with the owner of a two-block-long abandoned industrial complex here in Minneapolis, with the intention of painting the largest site specific mural installation the Mid-West has ever known. The project has the support of the owner of the site, as well as local community organizations, and we are now in the process of securing funding and supplies.”

The industrial behemoth in all it’s splendor; “the largest site specific mural installation the Mid-West has ever known.”

To get an idea of Broken Crow’s work, watch this video below of them with Overunder this year in Brooklyn, directed by Maria Juranic.

Broken Crow and Overunder with in NY from Maria Juranic on Vimeo.

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