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BSA Images Of The Week: 02.27.22

BSA Images Of The Week: 02.27.22

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Welcome to BSA Images of the Week.

Just as we were starting to feel a sense of relief that Covid is letting go of us….

Russia has invaded Ukraine. Not only is this a horror for Ukraine, this elective aggression may spread, resulting in retaliation.

If you want to help, we found this list from Fortune magazine:

Voices of Children
Voices of Children is a charitable foundation that focuses on addressing the psychological effect of armed conflict on children. Founded in 2015 in response to the conflict in eastern Ukraine, Voices of Children provides art therapy, mobile psychologists, and individualized support to traumatized children. Individuals can donate through bank transfer, credit/debit card, or Apple Pay via its website

The International Rescue Committee
The International Rescue Committee has a long history of providing resources to refugees fleeing countries facing humanitarian crisis. Its leaders have responded to the situation in Ukraine by meeting with organizations in Poland and Ukraine to gauge the potential number of refugees and their needs so it can quickly mobilize and provide whatever assistance is needed. You can make a donation via its website.

International humanitarian organization CARE has set up an emergency Ukrainian Crisis Fund with the goal of providing immediate support for 4 million people. Donations will go toward providing Ukrainians with water, food, supplies, hygiene kits, immediate support and aid, and cash. CARE notes that its prioritizing supporting women, girls, families, and elderly.CARE makes it easy to donate via its website using PayPal or a credit card.

International Medical Corps
This nonprofit is focused on providing health-care services, psychosocial support, and care to citizens of countries dealing with disaster, disease, and conflict. It’s currently accepting monetary gifts that will go toward providing Ukrainians with better access to medical and mental health resources. You can make a donation via the website using a credit/debit card, bank transfer, or PayPal.

Project Hope
It’s currently sending medical supplies to Ukrainians. You can make donations via its website using a credit/debit card, bank transfer, or PayPal.

Here’s our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring: Captain Eyeliner, Sonni, CRKSHNK, Kobra, Robert Janz, Goog, Degrupo, Suso33, Leviticus, Niagra, Homesick, Allan Molho, YNWA, Divock Okoth Origi, Emune, Lancelot, and Outersource.

Suso33 (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Kobra. Detail. (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Degrupo. Hear the sound of hell Putin? (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Niagara. Like the right to live in peace in your own country without fear of invasion, aggression, and authoritarian oppression. (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Homesick (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Outersource (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Lancelot (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Sonni in collaboration with The L.I.S.A. Project NYC. (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Emune (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Captain Eyeliner (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Leviticus (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Goog (photo © Jaime Rojo)
YNWA. This football graffiti (soccer in the USA) refers to the Belgian star soccer player Divock Okoth Origi who plays as a forward for the Premier League club Liverpool. (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Allan Molho tribute to the late Robert Janz. (photo © Jaime Rojo)
CRKSHNK. Detail. (photo © Jaime Rojo)
CRKSHNK (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Untitled. Winter 2022. Williamsburg Bridge, NYC. (photo © Jaime Rojo)
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