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BSA Film Friday 08.20.21

BSA Film Friday 08.20.21

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Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening:
1. Banksy: Great British Spraycation
2. NYC! Sound (Back) On
3. Sofles in Brisbane featuring Gamo & Kitsa

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BSA Special Feature: Banksy : Great British Spraycation

The summer days begin to wane and you’ve played all the games with your siblings and cousins three times or more. Before heading back to school, time to rummage around Uncle Bob’s garage and find a can of spray paint he used to fix a kitchen chair for Aunt Keisha. You wonder to yourself, “What could we do with this?”

BANKSY: Great British-Spraycation

NYC! Sound (Back) On

Been waiting for Covid to give us a break so New York could get back to our version of normal. This summer it’s still been hard but New York is definitely back in all its many ways. Makes us wanna dance!

Sofles in Brisbane with Feat. Gamo&Kitsa

You been getting up lately? Just released here’s a Brisbane, Australia wall jam with Sofles in collaboration with honored guests Gamo and Kitsa from Marseille, France.

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