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Republic Worldwide Presents: “Die Wunderkammer Objects of Virtue” An Exhibition of Artistic Oddities. (Manhatan, NYC)

Open to the public from March 21st through May 1st, 2013, Republic Worldwide deconstructs and reimagines the traditional Wunderkammer through works by over a dozen New York based contemporary artists that will stoke your sense of wonder and odd delight. Artists include Paul Brainard, Kate Clark, Lori Field, Aaron Johnson, Melora Kuhn, Dennis McNett, Hayley McCulloch, Pop Mortem, Lucia Pedi, Mac Premo, Graham Preston, Christy Rupp, Tom Sanford, Sigrid Sarda and Madeline Von Foerster. Curated by Keith Schweitzer and Jason Patrick Voegele.

The Wunderkammer, or “Cabinet of Curiosities,” evokes the encyclopedic wonder and spirit of discovery that was the glory of the European enlightenment. Historically, room sized displays of exotic oddities and artifacts were unceremoniously presented in salon style to fascinated general audiences who were hungry for natural science, culture and entertainment at the dawn of the age of reason. It could be described stylistically as a turned out junk drawer of the sublime.

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