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New Street Art From Athens, a Birthplace of Democracy

As the USA is celebrating the anniversary of it’s declared independence from Great Britain today we bring you a few shots of new Street Art from that city widely held as the birthplace of democracy around 508 BCE, Athens. They have just completed their first Street Art festival ever, which organizers say is a non profit attempt to promote social conscience and action through art, and French artist FKDL was a part of it. Here are a few photos from the streets of Athens for BSA readers.

The Athens festival included these participating artists:
Fred Le Chevalier (F), Milo Art (F), Bastek (F), Icks (It), Uno (It), Kashink (F), Losotros X Mj Tom (GR), Btoy (SP), Gregos (F), Kouka (FR), Rabea Senftenberg (Berlin), Thom Thom (FR), Franck Duval (FR). Special thanks to Franck Duval for these images.

Franck Duval (photo © Franck Duval)

Btoy (photo © Franck Duval)

Kouka (photo © Franck Duval)

Gregos portrait here is comprised of a multitude of smaller cast faces. (photo © Gregos)

Gregos. Detail (photo © Gregos)

Thom Thom (photo © Thom Thom)

Franck Duval . Senftenberg (photo © Franck Duval)

Senftenberg. Detail (photo © Franck Duval)

An image of the front page of of an Athens newspaper celebrating their first Street Art Festival features a work by FKDL.

More examples of Athens street art can be seen on this Flickr page for Athens Street Art Festival 2013.


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