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BSA Film Friday: 09.07.18

BSA Film Friday: 09.07.18


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. INDECLINE Billboard “Clown” Takeover
3. Vegan Flava: A million years lost in a moment. Trollhättan, Sweden
4. “ARTinfect IV – The PFAFF Project” in Kaiserslautern, Germany


BSA Special Feature: INDECLINE Billboard “Clown” Takeover

In Los Angeles the activist Street Art posse named INDECLINE overtook a billboard recently to grab attention of those whom they are afraid are being slowly lulled by the circus of distraction and Tweets that make America Hate Again.


We had the opportunity to experience some Liepzig Kaoz this week inside a factory that lays abandoned, yet full of opportunity for graffiti and Street Artists who explore its many rooms and stairs and broken windows. For Kaoz it is nearly a portfolio of his works, as well as a stage for fashion shoots, a set for photo projects. Join him as he shows you around the place, and watch your step.

Vegan Flava: A Million Years Lost in a Moment. Trollhättan, Sweden.

The briefest video here from a familiar Stockholm face as we see this piece from Vegan Flava in Trollhättan that he says is meant to address the norms of what to eat and consume in our culture; norms that are quickly destroying in a relative moment the Earth that took a million years to get to this point. He tells us that he believes we need to shift our thoughts and practices to value nature and animals.

“Ecocide is the crime of all time. It is destabilizing the world as people will have to flee from environmental disasters or conflicts concerning natural resources. The dominant culture is lethal to every aspect of this planet. Giving rights to nature and animals similar to human rights would enable to juridically protect ecosystems from collapse, freshwater from pollution, forests from destruction and animals from extinction.”


“ARTinfect IV – The PFAFF Project”

A roll-call video of participants from the Pfaff Project featuring fantasy, gothic, illustration-based, graffiti and Street Art inside an ex-urban spot now converted for a rolling display of fresh works in Kaiserslautern, a city in southwest Germany located in the Bundesland of Rhineland-Palentinate.

Here you can catch shots of artists like Zeso, Bustart, Serge, Pollo7, Meret, Snare79, DRÜ Egg, Chromeo, and ENDO.


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