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Steve “ESPO” Powers: “Flight of Genius” (VIDEO)

Steve ESPO Powers is a man of letters and he likes to play with them like other kids play with Legos. Informed with a rich commercial vintage signage vocabulary and a sharp eye, and armed with buckets of paint and brushes Powers has created bold messages in a number of cities that play on and satirize meanings and advertising jargon.


Under the watchful eye of Jesus, Street Artist Steve Espo and associate paint. (Still from video)

To celebrate adman David Ogilvy’s birthday and his command of the language in service of fooling people to buy things, Ogilvy & Mather New York and Joshua Liner Gallery commissioned a series of murals by ESPO interpreting quotes of their revered agency founder.  ESPO nails it.

The video below by Jun Lee gives a brief introduction to ESPO’s work:

Curated by Joshua Liner and Jun Lee

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