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BSA Film Friday 02.14.20

BSA Film Friday 02.14.20

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. “Who is TAKI183?”, Jim Prigoff and Cedric Godin
2. ESPO: A Love Letter For You
3. Exquisite Waste Of Time – Telmo Miel

BSA Special Feature: “Who is TAKI183?”

Graffiti writers were going hard in New York City in the mid-late 1960s but it wasn’t until the elite cultural avatar The New York Times did a story on the prolific TAKI183 in July of 1971 that many felt that the graffiti scene was somehow validated. From that point forward, the writer’s reputation as being all-city and unofficial representative of taggers everywhere was gold plated among his peers, and competition to get up all-city was suddenly on fire.

Writer, photographer, author, lecturer and storied nonagenarian Jim Prigoff, who published Spraycan Art with Henry Chalfant in 1987, has just produced a new video with Cedric Godin that more closely examines this tagger/standard-bearer and lets the camera roll on stories from him and others inside his family’s car repair shop.

“A lot of the earlier graffiti was scratched or done with paint brushes. There weren’t really spray cans. I think because markers were available and you could do it quick,” says Taki.

“I discovered the first graffiti in NY as Taki 183. I was stunned. This determined my life direction,” says French Street Artist Blek le Rat. 

“But in New York, it was the media capital of the world,” says Philadelphia graffiti king Cornbread, who was writing in the 1960s as well. “When they had done something, it was magnified. To be honest with you, New York overshadowed me.”

The storytelling leads to stylized writing and people like Stay High 149 and the dawn of more formalized or experimental gallery spaces like Fashion Moda in the Bronx. But Taki retained his tagger status, and remained a touchpoint for an era. “I never had a relationship with the art world because I was just so removed from it.

So much of this history is lost already, mostly because our art institutions and universities have been ignorant and adamantly so about the importance of graffiti in the language of society and its evolution as the most democratic global art movement ever. Videos like this one by Mr. Prigoff and Cedric Godin act to preserve and archive the images and voices of those at the forefront of a movement that influenced so many other parts of global culture.

WHO is TAKI183 A film by Jim Prigoff and Cedric Godin

ESPO: A Love Letter For You

“To mark the 10th anniversary of A Love Letter For You, ESPO and the film director Joey Garfield held a Q & A in Brooklyn’s Night Hawk Cinema. With this documentary, Mr. Garfield captures the artist’s process while directly asking the residents of this Philadelphia community, which was once ESPO’s own hood, what they wish was painted on the walls. ESPO took the inspiration that he received from the community and went onto painting 50 walls.

Exquisite Waste Of TimeTelmo Miel

Exactly how your dad describes your interest in painting, in music, in social work – an “Exquisite Waste of Time”. Luckily, this video promo for a show by Telmo and Miel will make you drool so much to paint that you won’t care what Dad says.

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BSA Film Friday: 12.04.15

BSA Film Friday: 12.04.15

Brooklyn-Street-Art-Brandalism-Cop21-Dec4-2015-740-Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 10.35.58 PM



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Brandalism Takes Over Bus Stops to Counter Cop21 Misinformation
2. OLEK Working Women
3. Madame Edwarda: R.ö vs Höy
4. Lilys – High Writer at Home by Joey Garfiled and Stephen Powers
5. Miss Me By Pablo Aravena
6. So Much Winning! So Much! Head Spinning Winning!



BSA Special Feature: Brandalism Takes Over Bus Stops to Counter Cop21 Misinformation

Misinformation is an entire industry today. It’s goal is usually not to make you active, but make you passive.

Here is a brief intro video about Brandalism’s answer to UN COP21 – and the first of what will surely be more videos about this massive effort by 82 Artists from 19 different countries to take back public space and the public dialogue about climate change from those who are skillfully employing misinformation and bending laws to enable them to continue making money at all costs.  “Two days before the launch of the UN COP21 Climate Conference, 600 posters were installed in outdoor media spaces across Paris – to challenge the corporate takeover of COP21 and to reveal the connections between advertising, the promotion of consumerism and climate change.”


OLEK Working Women

A new conceptual performance piece by OLEK and a troupe of Olekians on a sunny day in Union Square.

“The artwork is destroyed as it is created, and created out of its own destruction in an infinite loop. Like the perpetual punishments of Sisyphus or Prometheus, a woman’s work is never finished. Subject and object, static and metamorphic, old and new, enduring and fleeting, public and private, concealed and revealed, traditional and innovative, decay and renewal, are all interchangeable.”


Madame Edwarda: R.ö vs Höy

“Why do you do that – you see, she said, I am God.”
But seriously, this is really scored well, even if we don’t know what it is about. Something related to cutting off your head during coitus. Not your average Friday, is it?



Lilys – High Writer at Home by Joey Garfiled and Stephen Powers

Out of print for 20 years, this newly re-released album is coupled with Stephen Powers’ project “A Love Letter to Philadelphia” from a couple years back. As you get carried my the haze of the soundtrack you will swear that these two projects were originally with each other in mind.

“From the limited 21st anniversary vinyl LP pressing of the 1994 album, Eccsame the Photon Band – Lilys’ etheric second full-length album has become a shoegaze collector’s favorite.”

Also don’t miss Stephen Powers’ new installation at the Brooklyn Museum now on view. >>> Coney Island Dreaming: Following The Signs To Stephen Powers


Miss Me By Pablo Aravena

“When I started going on the streets, it just felt like the ultimate cry for freedom” says Montreal based Miss Me.

So Much Winning! So Much! Head-Spinning Winning!

Yes, you knew something sounded familiar. Those are your drunk neighbors winning over there. More biting revelatory critique than an hour and half of SNL, frankly.

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BSA Film Friday: 04.04.14

BSA Film Friday: 04.04.14



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. SWOON – The Run Up
2. Medvin Sobio announces Coachella Walls
3. Ben Eine and “Amusement”
4. “Salgado” From Sparky Stories

BSA Special Feature: SWOON – The Run Up

“The things that drew me to the city are both the intensity and the harshness,” says Street Artist Swoon in this new video from documentary filmmaker Joey Garfield. After more than a decade and half, she’s thriving on both and still in Brooklyn. The footage is of an earlier Swoon and during her initial forays out into the street to wheatpaste her hand cut creations on tattered walls and rusted doorways.  It is a glimpse of a young artist in New York, and it will ring familiar to the new arrivals to this harsh intense city to see her balancing a bag of clothes on her handle bars and crossing 4th Avenue on her way to the laundromat.

In his description of the piece on Vimeo Garfield says that it was filmed “before the term Street Art” which may indicate the 1960s since books were published with the term in the 70s and Richard Goldstein wrote a big piece about it for the Village Voice in the early 80s. This video looks looks like it was shot in the mid 00s, but we take his point to mean that the current explosion was occurring around the very time Swoon was beginning as well.

In fact, that is what makes this rough collection of very personal moments with Swoon on the cusp of her first big solo show so refreshing. As we watch her prep for the Dietch Projects installation and she observes that it is much larger than she had guessed it would get, we are all anticipating her new installation opening at the Brooklyn Museum next week. Similarly the scale of “Submerged Motherlands” has expanded amazingly and it is only beginning to match that of Swoon’s imagination, and her will.

Medvin Sobio announces Coachella Walls

Medvin Sobio knows how to present a story before it even happens. A co-curator of Wynwood Walls one year and the Boneyard Project, Sobio debuts this video to announce the first annual COACHELLA WALLS, hosted by The Date Farmers – an event which is described as “an arts driven community revitalization project”. The video is shot like a film and sets the stage for very good things to come.

Participating artists schedule to participate are The Date Farmers (Coachella), El Mac (Arizona), Nunca (Brazil), Saner (Mexico), Andrew Hem (Cambodia), Liqen (Spain), Albert Reyes (Los Angeles), Vyal Reyes (Los Angeles), Sego (Mexico), The Phantom (Los Angeles), Jim Darling (Texas), and more.


Ben Eine and “Amusement”

A brief record of Ben Eine describing his love of typography and appetite for risk taking and some crisp shots of him doing this commercial piece for a San Francisco development project named 8 Octavia.

“Salgado” From Sparky Stories

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Barnstormers Coming to Joshua Liner in March

BarnStormers! Yee Hawwwww!

Famed Barnstormers!

Famed Barnstormers!

I first saw an iteration of this collective at their 2001 installation at SmackMellon in Dumbo, Brooklyn in an old spice factory – think David Ellis was doing a residency there...  Anyway, the roster and locations and breadth of projects that the Barnstormers were involved in has evolved over the last decade, but the wild-eyed no-holds-barred inventive quality stays solid. This is a show I’m not missing.

The new group exhibition at Joshua Liner Gallery will feature works in a variety of mediums: painting, photography, video, mixed media works and installation.  Here’s a half hour presentation, or rather, performance piece from 2005.   An actual barn is involved.

Artists exhibiting at Joshua Liner will include:
Alex Lebedev, Alice Mazorra, Bluster One, Che Jen, Chris Mendoza, Chuck Webster, David Ellis, Dennis McNett, Doze Green, GION, Guillermo Carrion, James Lynch, Joey Garfield, Jose Parla, Kenji Hirata, Kiku Yamaguchi, KR, MADSAKI, Manny Pangilinan (WELLO), Martin Mazorra, Maya Hayuk, Mikal Hameed, Mike Houston, Mike Ming, Miyuki Pai Hirai, Naomi Kazama, Pema Brush, Romon Kimin Yang (Rostarr), Shie Moreno, SWOON, West One, Yuri Shimojo and more.
Joshua Liner Gallery
548 W 28th St. 3rd Floor
New York, New York 10001

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