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BSA Film Friday: 02.14.14

BSA Film Friday: 02.14.14



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Painting, Yoga and Love on the Roof
2. Spidertag in Madrid
3. HOTTEA in St. Paul Home Depot
4. Pillas Brothers at Wallplay Gallery
5. H0tBox “Remember That One Time?”

BSA Special Feature: Wall Painting, Yoga, Love and Valentines

Our little Valentine to you …

The sweet yoga couple Kristina Serna and Joerael Elliott, who go by the name of Soulvision, show us some zen-like poses on the roof while Joerael takes a break from painting a mural. “We don’t have money for much, we just hang around,” says the soundtrack by Kotchy.

Spidertag in Madrid: Mucho Verde, Nuevo Rojo

Whip out the midi tech muzak and grab the suitcase full of yarn because estamos en Madrid, kiddies. In the urban squatted garden of Solarpiés, Spidertag found a great wall and some vegetation with which to begin of a new minimalism in his work. Seems simple enough, but that’s when it is deceiving.


HotTea in St. Paul

Thinking strategically when the temperature drops to -20F

Yep, Hottea is back with one strategy for shaking off the cold.

Number 1. Don’t do Street Art.

Number 2. Go to Home Depot and look for some fencing.


WU500MG X Pillas

Watch the Pillas brothers do an inside wall celebrating Wutang Clan’s 20th Anniversary at Wallplay Gallery on Orchard Street in New York.


H0tBox “Remember That One Time?”

From Chicago’s ONLY mobile gallery, a quick greatest hits collection from 2013, including fun with painting the Box Truck everybody loves.

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