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BSA Film Friday: 05.07.21

BSA Film Friday: 05.07.21

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Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

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1. Artists of The Collie Mural Trail in Australia

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BSA Special Feature: Artists of The Collie Mural Trail in Australia

The Collie Mural Trail in Australia is a beautification project meant to draw tourism and celebrate the people and history of this town and the Collie River Valley a few hours from Perth. By bringing locally grown artists to the town, the collection retains an authentic quality that remains contextual to daily life as well as educational to visitors. Some of the artists come from the graffiti and street art practice, while others have followed a fine arts path, some self-taught. Today we have a look at a few of the artists of the Collie Mural Trail and brief introductions to them from the website.

Jarrad Martyn

Jarrad Martyn’s practice explores how different moments in history have been framed and how we engage with spaces after they have become abandoned. Through painting and installation Martyn employs the principles of bricolage – something constructed from a diverse range of things – to bring together imagery and research to create a more conversational meaning of the history being explored. The use of paint which slips in-between figuration and expressionism encourages the audience to look longer to try and deduce what is unfolding and to ultimately consider how complicit they are prepared to be in that framing.

Jacob Shakey Butler

“Jacob Butler (Shakey) is a young, self-taught artist based in Fremantle. Jacob works in many mediums including acrylics, oils, pastel and aerosol. Jacob’s essential tremor that existed from birth got him branded ‘Shakey’, giving him his unique, free-flowing, intuitive style. Since becoming a full-time artist he has been invited to paint live in front of large audiences for private concerts, gala balls, weddings and large charity events internationally, with his paintings yielding very successful results due to the raw energy put into his work whilst under pressure. He is currently working on large scale murals and performing live wedding art in and around Australia. Between commissions he also continues his art workshops for people with disabilities and is working towards his second exhibition.”

Jack Bromell

“Jack Bromell is an Italian-Australian artist born in Perth and raised in the South West. After studying various creative-based degrees at University Jack left his studies and worked several jobs around the Perth region.

In 2015 while practicing art as a hobby Jack was given an opportunity to paint a large mural on a shopfront in Mandurah. The mural was received well by the community and projected him into a full-time career in the arts. Since then he has painted small and large scale murals throughout the South West and Perth Metropolitan areas. He has also painted internationally throughout 2016-2018. Jack is now based in Northbridge, Perth.”

Ian Mutch

“Ian Mutch is an Australian artist exploring beauty through nature, narrative and details. Mutch creates work on a variety of scales using acrylics, aerosol, and inks. Brushstrokes and layered backgrounds are detailed with entertaining illustrations, whimsical characters, trees, birds, animals and pop culture references. Mutch draws a great deal from his upbringing surrounded by wild landscapes, animals and patterns. He has lived in various parts of the world, now residing in South West Western Australia. His artwork has won awards, given life to public spaces, and featured in a range of publications.”

Unmasked and Entitled


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