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Banksy Hoax, Does Dutch Master Remix of “Girl With the Pearl Earring”

Banksy Hoax, Does Dutch Master Remix of “Girl With the Pearl Earring”

Two things in the news today about Street Art man of mystery, Banksy:

Thing 1: He was not arrested, cuffed and covered with a shroud yesterday as reported and re-Tweeted throughout the street-art-isphere, but that hoax was excellent!  (Also, don’t you think he must be older than 35 by now?) See video at end.

Thing 2: It looks like he has just created a new piece referencing a 350 year old painting by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer that uses a pearl earring for a focal point. In Banksy’s case, it is golden ADT security alarm box.

Brooklyn-Street-Art-Banksy-Girl-Pearl-Earring“Girl With the Pierced Ear” in this new image just released online, appears to be Banksy’s monochromatic take on the oil master Vermeer, below.


Johannes Vermeer. Girl With a Pearl Earring, Oil on canvas, 1865.


A lovely cafe from which you can enjoy some chips and a refreshment while gazing upon the new masterpiece by Banksy.



See the official Banksy site for more murky details, where we found the images above.



BANKSY Nabbed! Well, maybe not.

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