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BSA Film Friday: 03.29.13

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening: Vexta in Kochi, India, “Crimes of Minds” video for the new book, and Yok, Sheryo and Fecks in Mexico

BSA Special Feature:
Vexta in Kochi, India.

Australian born Brooklyn-based Street Artist Vexta was in Kochi for the first Biennale on 12/12/12 and in this new video she is learning about translating her work across cultures, opening a dialogue about gender roles, and adjusting to the reality of painting with an inquisitive audience always watching.

The short film by Rah Akaishi and Aaron Glasson with a soundtrack from Isnod sets itself apart by presenting a montage of images of life in Kochi for context, narrative insights from Vexta, and a light  popping of music and camera cuts that keep it all engaging.

“Crimes of Minds” Music Video

Here is something unusual – a music video made to support a book of Street Artists. “Crimes of Minds” comes out in April and features the work of BEST EVER, BEN SLOW, GUY DENNING, MORTEN ANDERSEN, FINBARR DAC, SLY2, C215, ALICE PASQUINI, LILIWENN, JEF AÉROSOL, WEN2, ANTOINE STEVENS, DA MENTAL VAPORZ (BLO, BOM.K, BRUSK, DRAN, GRIS, JAW, KAN, SOWAT), PAKONE, KOOL KOOR, TSF CREW, CELESTE JAVA.

Spearheaded by artist Liliwenn, the two year project was produced by the Sugar Rush non-profit and turned the French port town of Brest into a street gallery and a jumping off point for artistic expression with 26 international artists, 11 photographers, 6 video artists, 10 musicians and a number of partners, including the town council.

The musical artist is Mattic based in France and the wall art is by UK duo Best Ever.



The Yok, Sheryo and Fecks Travel to Mexico

Our featured artists last week, Yok and Sheryo are joined by Fecks here in their recent trip to Mexico.

Banner image screenshot of Vexta from video Vexta in Kochi India (image © Vexta)

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