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HUSH Exclusive VIDEO with HeraKut

Street Artist Hush offers his own venue in Newcastle Upon Tyne for Street Artists to come in and lay down some paint, away from the street and apart from the financial implications of a gallery show. This new video interview with Street Art duo Herakut gives for the first time a genuine sense of their working relationship and approach to their pieces.


Says Hush, “The idea I had for this space is to give the artists an opportunity to create street work inside and in a controlled environment. The space allows artists to experiment and continue with a street aesthetic without having to produce canvas work for the public to view.”

Director: Brad Atwill
Cinematography : Tom Finch

‘Herakut – Show Them’ installation at onethirty3
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Image © Hush and OneThirty3

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Year In Images 2009 from Jaime Rojo

Street Art photographer Jaime Rojo captured a few thousand images in 2009 to help document the wildly growing Street Art scene in New York.

A veteran of 10 years shooting the streets of New York, Rojo has amassed a collection of images that capture the scene with the appreciation of an artist. To celebrate the creative spirit that is alive and well on the streets of New York, this slide video gives a taste of what happened in ‘09, without pretending to present the whole scene or all the artists, known and anonymous, who add to the ongoing conversation.

Included in this collection of images (in no particular order) are pieces by Skewville, Specter, The Dude Company, Judith Supine, C215, WK Interact, Anthony Lister, Miss Bugs, Bast, Chris from Robots Will Kill (RWK), Os Gemeos, Cake, Celso, Imminent Disaster, Mark Cavalho, NohJ Coley, Elbow Toe, Feral, Poster Boy, Bishop203, Jon Burgerman, Royce Bannon, Damon Ginandes, Conor Harrington, Gaia, JC2, Logan Hicks, Chris Stain, Armsrock, Veng from Robots Will Kill (RWK), Noah Sparkes, Robots Will Kill, Heracut, Billy Mode, Revs, Skullphone, Spazmat, Mint and Serf, Roa, Aakash Nihilani, Broken Crow, Peru Ana Ana Peru, & Cern

All images © Jaime Rojo

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